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Strek•O Doors uses a UV cured roll coat finish system that meets or exceeds TR-6 requirements. This is the latest in finishing technology and provides a more durable finish than past systems. The finish material used in the roll coat process is water based and environmentally friendly with minimal material waste. To obtain the color profile required on the project, doors can be finished clear, stained a standard color, or custom matched by our Certified Color Matching Specialists. Our UV curing process allows variable gloss levels for a muted, satin, or high gloss appearance. Once the doors reach the end of the UV line they are cured and ready to be packaged and shipped. This efficiency allows Strek•O to provide the fastest lead times in the industry.

Strek•O UV Cured Roll Coat System
Test/Chemical TR-6
Wear Index 5
Cold Check 5
Adhesion 5
Vinegar 5
Lemon Juice 5
Orange Juice 5
Coffee 5
Olive Oil 5
Boiling Water 5
Ammonia 5
Isopropyl Alcohol 5
Wine 5
33% Sulfuric Acid 5
28% Ammonium Hydroxide 5
Gasoline 5
Soap Detergent 5
5 = Excellent  3 = Good  1 = Poor