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Strek-O Doors, located in the small central Wisconsin town of Abbotsford, began as Streckert Manufacturing in the 1940's. Beginning with institutional hollow core and stave core doors the product line has increase over the years to include particleboard, structural composite lumber core, mineral core, and lead lined doors.

Strek•O Doors is environmentally conscious and vertically integrated throughout the manufacturing process. The door components begin with kiln dried lumber or green lumber which is dried in a kiln at our facility. The dried lumber is processed into door stiles and moulding.

Strek•O Doors maintains a wide range of veneer faces and veneer flitch in domestic and exotic species. Strek•O Doors has the ability to splice veneer flitch into standard or specialty matching faces.

Once all the components are staged; the doors are individually hot pressed. The presses as well as our kiln is heated by the wood waste generated throughout the manufacturing process.

Complete factory machining and finishing are available on our products. A series of CNC equipment is used to machine the doors for all required hardware preps. Strek•O Doors uses an environmentally friendly UV cured roll coat line, which meets or exceeds all TR-6 requirements.

Strek-O Doors also manufactures doors in nearly every veneer imaginable with the quickest lead times in the industry. The philosophy of maintaining excellent customer service, while producing a high quality product that began with Streckert Manufacturing in the 1940's continues today with Strek-O Doors. In the door manufacturing industry customer service is crucial. Our goal at Strek-O Doors is to provide the highest level of customer service every day to keep you, our customers, satisfied.